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Sasha Grey Interview with Holly Randall

Listen to Sasha Grey on Holly Randall’s ‘Unfiltered’
Episode 139: Sasha Grey: Sex as Art

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Via Holly Randall
March 11th, 2020

Sasha Grey is arguably one of the most famous porn stars of all time, and one of the few who got into the industry young, made a name for herself, and moved on to a successful mainstream career as a musician, writer, and artist. Sasha no longer works in the adult industry, but she comes on Holly Randall Unfiltered to reflect on her time in porn, how she feels about it now, and how she used it as a means of artistic expression to explore her unconventional relationship with sex.

Listen to Sasha’s interview with Holly at any of the links below, and don’t forget to like and subscribe to Holly’s channels.

The video interview will be made available on Youtube in the coming weeks.

139: Sasha Grey: Sex as Art Holly Randall’s Website Apple Spotify Soundcloud

Over $10,000 raised for Puerto Rico Earthquake Relief

January 31st, 2020
By Sasha Grey

PuertoRico-Earthquake-Relief, PuertoRicoEarthquakes, PuertoRIco2020,

I started out this week with the goal of raising $10,000 for victims of the multiple earthquakes in Puerto Rico throughout the month of January, through my live streams on Twitch. There is very little coverage of the devastation and I wanted to do my part, and I asked you all to help me spread the word. Thanks to my wonderful Twitch community, together we raised $11,348 on the platform Tiltify for the vetted charity Direct Relief, directly benefitting those affected by the earthquakes in Puerto Rico.

Whenever I donate my own money, or encourage others to donate to a cause, I always use, a helpful website that vets charities, to make sure they’re in good standing. The most recognizable charities aren’t always the best.

You might have heard the news about the warehouses that were discovered with emergency supplies that were never dispersed to Puerto Ricans after Hurricane Maria. This is yet another reason I decided to raise donations for a charity that shows exactly where donations go. The island is still recovering from the hurricane and now it’s been hit with these ongoing natural disasters.

Only 20% of schools are open & approx. 4,000 people are still in shelters.

It has been very difficult to find coverage and photographs of the recent events. All of the photos that appear here are from the 2020 earthquakes. If you have not been credited, please contact the site administrator so we can update the image(s) with your info.

Watch below for a clip from my live stream to see the donation that helped us cross the finish line!


Industrial avatar Raymond “Pig” Watts teams up with Sasha Grey for a creeped-out version of the Righteous Brothers’ 1964 hit, “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling.”

June 3rd, 2019
By Jason Pettigrew

Raymond Watts, who’s known by industrial-rock rivetheads and electronic-rock aficionados by his moniker Pig, has returned with a new video to promote his impending covers LP, Candy. Teaming once again with actress/vocalist/DJ/author Sasha Grey, the duo take on “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling,” made popular by the Righteous Brothers in 1964.

On this version, Watts adopts a persona somewhere between a sleazy Frank Sinatra and Buffalo Bill from The Silence Of The Lambs, except with much better fashion sense (Watts has written music for Alexander McQueen fashion shows, you know), while Grey looks almost heartbroken as the object of his desire.

Watts has been a force in the world’s electronic/industrial-rock scene for decades. His world-class resume includes a body of work as a solo artist, a stunt as frontman for i-rock institution KMFDM and projects ranging from remixes, video games and fashion houses. He toured America late last summer with Killing Joke.

“As a song, ‘You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’’ has always been a bitter pill wrapped up in a sweet thrill for me but brings faith to the fall of a love that has lapsed,” Watts begins. “It was just crying out to be covered by Pig. I felt it needed to be a duet, so I asked Sasha Grey to sing it with me. I love the dialogue in the song and her voice makes the sentiment in the words even more poignant. Her delivery perfectly captures how the wound of loss can become almost mundane.”

This song is the first look at Candy, Pig’s covers LP coming out on Metropolis June 21. Other tracks Watts will be putting through his sonic sausage grinder include interpretations of songs by Olivia Newton-John (“Hopelessly Devoted To You”), Prince (“Kiss”), Hall & Oates (“I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do)”), Elvis Presley (“If I Can Dream”) and KC And The Sunshine Band (“That’s The Way (I Like It).”) That cover was the first thing Watts and Grey teamed up for last year.

“The album is me looking for the soft and dirty underbelly in what might seem like rather innocuous pop songs,” Watts says. “The original versions of the songs chosen might seem to some as one dimensional, but to me they seem to work more as paeans to much darker obsessions, addictions and the inevitable consequences. As such, with Candy you can hum along and toe-tap to songs of downfall, demise and disaster.”

Pig and Grey’s take on this bona fide classic from the great American songbook might be hellishly dark, uncannily creepy or uncomfortably tongue-in-cheek. It could be the theme for the goth prom you wish you could’ve gone to or the last song you play right before you make a very bad decision (read: alcohol and texting and 3 a.m. is never a good combination). We’ll let you decide.

Check out Pig and Sasha Grey’s “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’” below. Candy is available for preorder now with both digital and vinyl options.

Sasha Grey in Denver

Sasha Grey makes her debut at Temple nightclub in Denver, deejaying Friday April 26th, 2019.

Sasha Grey is a familiar face at Temple San Francisco, this will be her first time performing at their Denver location.

Tickets are available by clicking here.


Sasha Grey Book Signing: Guadalajara, Mexico

Sasha Grey returns to FIL in Guadalajara on Saturday December 1st where she will present the Spanish language version of her novel ‘La habitación prohibida’.

Sasha Grey regresa a Guadalajara a presentar su novela La habitación prohibida el día 1 de diciembre.

Time: 13:00 Hrs

Location: Salón 8

Expo Guadalajara| Av Mariano Otero #1499, Verde Valle, 44550 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico


Sasha Grey FIL

Sasha Grey and PIG cover ‘That’s The Way (I Like It)’

PIG Meets Sasha Grey, Covers KC & the Sunshine Band. Because Why Not.


August 27th, 2018
By Jesse

One day soon I hope to run across some newer <PIG> fans and, like a crotchety old man of 40, spew off lines like: “You kids have it so easy! Back in my day, Raymond Watts waited a decade between albums! And when he did release records it was only in Japan! Before Amazon! And the internets!” Seriously though, and unlike a crotchety old man of my age, I feel blessed to live in this wondrous time where Watts has rediscovered the fire and has re-emerged with a (seemingly) untapped well of new material.

But I digress.

Not satisfied with having released a new FULL-LENGTH ALBUM just two months ago, Raymond Watts has returned once again to grace his flock with something completely out of left field: A new EP featuring remixes of tracks from that aforementioned recent release headlined by a cover of the KC & the Sunshine Band classic “That’s The Way (I Like It)” featuring actress/writer/DJ/singer Sasha Grey.

The <PIG> take on KC is to put it through a sexy, industrial blender…kind of like White Zombie’s version of “I’m Your Boogie Man” (Coincidentally also originally by KC & the Sunshine Band) in that it flips the narrative with Zombie being the titular boogie man and owning it behind a techno-organic stomp and synthesized horns while here, Watts and Grey concoct a slow brooding, moody sound piece that’s probably a lot more devilish than the original artists intended. But would you expect anything less from <PIG>?

Grey’s delivery is brash and in-your-face and proves to be the perfect dichotomy to Watts’ subdued, almost ghoulish approach to vocals on this one as handclaps and a phat beat drive the sinister sounds in the background.

Then there’s the remixes.

“Truth Is Sin” from the most recent full-length is twiddled and turned by Christopher Hall of The Dreaming/Stabbing Westward making the song a bombastic headbanger rather than the almost ballad aesthetic of the original. “Cult of Chaos” is even more somber and serene, filled with strings and more synths by Ego Likeness while Hanzel Und Gretyl give “The Revelation” the “Fukken Uber” makeover turning the track into a true industrial banger with air sirens heralding the oncoming metallic storm of shreddiness.

That’s The Way (I Like It) will be released on August 31st through Metropolis Records just in time for a slew of fall headlining dates and even more dates supporting the mighty Killing Joke on their 40th anniversary tour. You can grab your very own copy here or click here to find out where you can catch the Lord of Lard on the road and get a physical copy (gasp!) in person!

That’s the Way (I Like It) 


Sasha Grey Re-Releases the ‘Love’ collection

“There is no limit to love.”

Watch the official promo video for Sasha Grey’s ‘Love’ Collection  below featuring ‘Another Weekend’ by Ariel Pink.

The successful campaign is has officially been re-released in collaboration with the charity-based retailer Represent. Beach towels, throw blankets, and pillows, baring the iconic image are available for the first time. Part of proceeds from every item will go to Planned Parenthood to support their life changing work. While you can purchase other Sasha Grey paraphernalia on this site, the merchandise is only officially available at Represent. Click here to purchase. All apparel is unisex!

Instagram: @arielxpink

Twitter: @arielxpink

Facebook: @arielxpink

Sasha Grey, Death In Vegas Release ‘Honey’

Death-In-Vegas-Honey, Death-In-Vegas-Sasha-Grey-, Death-In-Vegas-Sasha-Grey-Honey, SG, Sasha-Grey-DJ, Sasha-Grey-Death-In-Vegas, Sasha-Grey-Honey, Sasha-grey-music‘Honey’ by Sasha Grey, Death In Vegas is available today.

By Dylan Barnabe
Published Jun 12, 2018

Following 2016’s Transmission, Death in Vegas return with the outfit’s dreamy new single “Honey.” It marks the second collaboration with Sasha Grey, who offers hushed whispers and seductive vocals to the near six-minute serenade. “Honey” opens with the same pace and intensity you’d expect from a Depeche Mode record — filled with distortion and pulsing synth — but firmly grounds itself in a more minimalist approach. The result is a psychedelic track that is both dreamy and downright sexy.

Altogether, both songs complement one another and showcase the talented production of Richard Fearless, the founder of Death in Vegas. “Honey” couldn’t be a sweeter way to welcome back Fearless and his band of merry eclectic, electronic music-makers.

Stream on Spotify.

Purchase vinyl and electronic versions here.


In Store Appearance With Sasha Grey

Sasha Grey adds an additional appearance date in Los Angeles.

If you missed Sasha Grey at Book Soup, she will be presenting her book again at Stories Books and Cafe in Los Angeles. The event page can be found here.

Sunday, April 22nd, 2018. 8:00 PM.
Stories Books and Café
1716 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, California 90026

Sasha-Grey-Book-Soup, Sasha-Grey-Book-Signing-Sasha-Grey-Live, Sasha-Grey-Appearance

Sasha Grey Interview on The Steebee Weebee Show [Ep 50]

Sasha Grey joins Steve and friends for this special 50th episode of the Steebee Weebee Show. We talk grapefruit, Dakar rally, and the single living economy matrix.
SashaGrey, SashaGreyInterview, SashaGreyPodcast, SashaGreyStevieWeebeeCheck out Sasha Grey’s video  interview on the Steebee Weebee Show below.