Donations made to support Black Lives

Thanks to Sasha’s Twitch, chat raised $8,200.33 of the $13,000 Goal in June.

Donations: $7,554.20
Bits: 64,613: $646.13
Total: $8,200.33/4 charities = $2,050.08 To Each Charity.

Although we didn’t meet the goal, I’m very proud of what we raised. I made donations live on stream to the four charities listed below. Usually Twitch wants us to raise money through a third party platform however at the time of starting this, in the wake of George Floyd’s murder, there was only one minority focused charity on the third party platform. That charity had bad ratings, so in the essence of time I thought this would be the better option. Just another sign that it is harder for bipoc focused charities to even get ample support. During the month of June more charities came on board to the third party platform, which is great, but there is definitely room for more.

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Arts Administrators of Color Network

Movement 4 Black Lives

Color Of Change

Transgender Law Center