Sasha Grey and PIG cover ‘That’s The Way (I Like It)’

PIG Meets Sasha Grey, Covers KC & the Sunshine Band. Because Why Not.


August 27th, 2018
By Jesse

One day soon I hope to run across some newer <PIG> fans and, like a crotchety old man of 40, spew off lines like: “You kids have it so easy! Back in my day, Raymond Watts waited a decade between albums! And when he did release records it was only in Japan! Before Amazon! And the internets!” Seriously though, and unlike a crotchety old man of my age, I feel blessed to live in this wondrous time where Watts has rediscovered the fire and has re-emerged with a (seemingly) untapped well of new material.

But I digress.

Not satisfied with having released a new FULL-LENGTH ALBUM just two months ago, Raymond Watts has returned once again to grace his flock with something completely out of left field: A new EP featuring remixes of tracks from that aforementioned recent release headlined by a cover of the KC & the Sunshine Band classic “That’s The Way (I Like It)” featuring actress/writer/DJ/singer Sasha Grey.

The <PIG> take on KC is to put it through a sexy, industrial blender…kind of like White Zombie’s version of “I’m Your Boogie Man” (Coincidentally also originally by KC & the Sunshine Band) in that it flips the narrative with Zombie being the titular boogie man and owning it behind a techno-organic stomp and synthesized horns while here, Watts and Grey concoct a slow brooding, moody sound piece that’s probably a lot more devilish than the original artists intended. But would you expect anything less from <PIG>?

Grey’s delivery is brash and in-your-face and proves to be the perfect dichotomy to Watts’ subdued, almost ghoulish approach to vocals on this one as handclaps and a phat beat drive the sinister sounds in the background.

Then there’s the remixes.

“Truth Is Sin” from the most recent full-length is twiddled and turned by Christopher Hall of The Dreaming/Stabbing Westward making the song a bombastic headbanger rather than the almost ballad aesthetic of the original. “Cult of Chaos” is even more somber and serene, filled with strings and more synths by Ego Likeness while Hanzel Und Gretyl give “The Revelation” the “Fukken Uber” makeover turning the track into a true industrial banger with air sirens heralding the oncoming metallic storm of shreddiness.

That’s The Way (I Like It) will be released on August 31st through Metropolis Records just in time for a slew of fall headlining dates and even more dates supporting the mighty Killing Joke on their 40th anniversary tour. You can grab your very own copy here or click here to find out where you can catch the Lord of Lard on the road and get a physical copy (gasp!) in person!

That’s the Way (I Like It)